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5 Herbs to Lose Weight Without Exercise

If you crave your ideal body shape without having to spend time exercising, drinking traditional herbal medicine can be one solution.

Based on information collected by Bisnis, Tuesday (9/10/2018), there are 5 traditional herbs that can be effective in losing your weight. The reason is, these five herbs are quite effective at working without forcing you to have a heavy diet. Here are 10 herbal recipes:

1. The Herbal Turmeric Acid

This herb is one of the legendary recipes from time to time with the properties of beautifying yourself and caring for your body. Turmeric has a powerful compound to burn fat in the stomach. Therefore, to lose weight, it is enough to prepare a number of ingredients such as tamarind and brown sugar or honey as a sweetener. Some of the other properties of this herb are controlling appetite, detoxifying toxins in the body, and accelerating metabolism. Drink this tamarind herb once a day for optimal results.

2. Singset Galian Herbal Medicine

This herbal medicine is a traditional Javanese drink made from several natural ingredients such as Dutch teak leaves, white turmeric, and ginger. To lose weight, you have to boil all these ingredients, then drink the boiled water as a slimming. You are still allowed to add natural sweeteners such as honey.

3. Betel Leaf Herbal Medicine and Temu Kunci

Like tamarind turmeric, betel leaf is also beneficial for weight loss. Betel leaf also works to treat body odor, itching, and detoxify. Meanwhile, the key to the benefits of being able to lose weight quickly.

Temu Kunci also has properties as a medicine for diarrhea, medication for vaginal discharge, and for body slimming. There is also a way to make this herbal medicine, you pound the betel leaf and rhizome of the key. Squeeze the two ingredients that have grown and drink the juice. If it doesn’t feel good, you can get around it by adding honey or brown sugar. By regularly drinking half a glass twice a day, you will lose weight.

4. Green Tea

Green tea has long been believed by Japanese people to help health. One of them, green tea has the property to accelerate the body’s metabolism. There is also a way to process green tea to help you lose weight by brewing the tea. You can buy a lot of green tea powder at supermarkets or at Japanese restaurant locations.

5. Chinese teak herbs

Chinese herbal medicine or Chinese teak tea is still a debate whether it can be used as body slimming herbal medicine. However, a number of studies have proven that Chinese teak leaf herbs can help slimming.

One of the main properties of Chinese teak tea is to help detoxify the body.

These are 5 powerful traditional herbs to help you lose weight. Good luck! If you want to try an easier way, Take ProVen, many people have tried and proven results, Interested? visit the official website here nutravesta proven