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5 Reasons to opt for Cogoport’s FCL Services

When it comes to freight shipments, every trader desires to choose the best services for exporting the goods. The quality of export services does not just impact the shipping process but also affects the business relationship between exporters and importers. Successful container shipments depend highly upon the decisions of an exporter. So, while choosing an FCL (Full Container Load) container for shipping bulk cargo, Cogoport is the best choice for traders in India! The company has been serving all the shipping needs of exporters and importers in the country and has managed to build market goodwill with its consumer-friendly services. Therefore, one has a handful of reasons to choose Cogoport’s FCL services.

What Makes Cogoport’s FCL Services So Desirable?

Full Container Load shipments are for bulk goods where an exporter can optimise the entire space of the same. Since he is transporting a large volume of goods that can be worth a lot, he should trust a reliable service partner for transporting them. Cogoport has gained that trust over time with its satisfactory services and exclusive benefits.

Get Instant Quotes and FCL Freight Rates

Finding the best shipping quote is no less than a drill for customers who are yet to avail the services of Cogoport. Yes, because the firm has set up a well-updated network where one can get the shipping quotes and FCL freight rates instantly from all the verified and trusted freight forwarders. There is no need for visiting different sites and discovering rates when it is possible to get them all in a separate dashboard.

Avail Door-To-Door Service

There are four types of Full Container Load freight shipments; Factory-to-factory, Door-to-factory, Factory-to-door and Door-to-door. Cogoport offers all of them, and an exporter can choose the one that best suits his shipping requirements and business commitments. In the Door-to-door shipment, the exporter will get everything starting from inland haulage to pick up and drop.

Choose Between All the Major Shipping Lines

Cogoport has a chain that connects all the shipping lines and service providers. Hapag-Llyod, Maersk, OOCL, CMA-CGM, etc. are a few of the most trusted containers available in the shipping lines. All one has to do is identify the one that will give him a sustainable service and a shipping line that will get the fastest route to his destination port.

All Container Sizes from Verified Freight Forwarders

The most frequently used container sizes in the international shipping industry are – 20-foot container, 40-foot container and 40-foot high cube container. The occupancy or storage capacity of these containers make a difference in the freight rates. So, one should always analyse the best size carefully. Cogoport offers all of these to the traders, and one may also get assistance from its customer support to get the best size by disclosing the volume of the cargo.

24×7 Customer Support

The customer service and support chain of Cogoport is one of the USPs (Unit Selling Points) of the firm as the team is always responsive and eager to help. One can get all his doubts cleared and assistance to make the right move from the experts in the team who are well-versed with the nitty-gritty of the shipping industry.

The services of a shipping company are what a trader is always concerned about, and Cogoport leaves no stone unturned in offering the top-class facilities and assistance to its customers. One can take the burden off his shoulders and rely upon the networking of the company to ship their cargo in the international market.

With the increasing market competition and ever-changing freight rates, it is best to choose services that filter the best of the rest! FCL shipments are for the traders who ship bulk cargo and risking such priced goods is not a healthy choice! So, reap the benefits of a well-renowned company in the business!