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7 Favorite Color of Outdoor Paint Inspiration

Already have a recommendation for the color of exterior home paint? Everyone does have their own preferences, including you. However, looking for colors is not as easy as imagined. If you haven’t found it yet, find 7 inspirational outdoor paint colors through this article!

A beautiful home can make every home feel and comfortable. Especially if the house seems fresh, neat, anyone will like it. Well, one of the factors so that your house looks beautiful is a matter of color selection. With the right and balanced color composition, a house with an attractive design will look even better. In order for the color of the exterior paint to look beautiful, the right choice of exterior paint color needs to be chosen. You also have to choose the right professional painter in to apply the color according to the color of your choice.

Take a peek at some of the inspiration below!

Red and Black Color Combination

Hmm, the first color inspiration comes from a combination of black and red. It feels this color mix is ​​rarely found on the exterior of the house, huh? Though the combination of these two colors can give a beautiful impression in your elegant exterior. The bright red color combined with black is the right choice for your minimalist home exterior color.

Yellow Mustard, Chocolate, and White

The worry about the color of the house paint this time! This is a combination of three colors that are very suitable namely, yellow mustard, brown and white. Lately, the yellow mustard has become one of the favorite colors of designers both at home and abroad. You can combine yellow mustard for the walls with brown accents for the front door color for a contemporary impression.

The Combination of Soft Green and Gray

Need a blend of calm and refreshing colors? You can use soft green on the outside walls of the house to give a fresh impression. Add yellow furniture and some green plants to add a beautiful impression of the house. Also, mix with gray for the walls of the inner house. Gray color can give a calm or peaceful impression on your home. So inspiring!

Ivory, Turquoise, and White Color Scheme

Other house paint color inspiration comes from the color white and its derivatives. The color scheme of the outdoor wall paint, this time will make your home brighter. Suitable for homes with symmetrical shapes on both sides. From this house, you can see the elegant side and also the romantic side of nostalgia. With the dominance of white, the color of the outside wall of the house gives a bright impression. Ivory accent for stairs and turquoise on the door provide an accent for the house. It feels like there is a happy family living in it. Do you agree?

Monochrome House Paint

This time the color of home painting is dominated by white. White does not seem timeless, huh? This neutral color is widely used for exterior house paint colors. A house dominated by white paint will make the house more beautiful with a slight touch of black on the window sills and brown on the balcony roof. So, you want to quickly have a dream home, right?

Peach Color on the Outer Wall of the House

This time the inspiration for bright house paint colors can use peach colors. The peach color itself was popular in the 1980s as a bright outdoor wall paint color scheme, although it is currently less desirable. However, it never hurts to revive this soft pastel color. You can combine peach with gray, white and green.

Maroon Color on the Exterior House

The maroon color looks very charming huh? Well, so that it’s not too flashy you can add white to the structure of the lines to give a firm impression. The doors and windows are also given a matching color to make it look harmonious.