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The Basics Of eCommerce SEO

Do you want more traffic to your eCommerce website? If so, search engine optimisation is a must. More specifically, on-page SEO.

There’s no shortage of articles and tutorials discussing general SEO. However, there are not many articles aimed at eCommerce site owners. With that said, we will give you more of an understanding of on-site SEO for eCommerce. The below info will get you off on the right track with on-site SEO for eCommerce sites.

eCommerce SEO: What Is It?

eCommerce SEO is all about performing tasks in order to make your online store more visible in the SERPs, short for search engine results pages. When people search for the stuff you sell, you want to be the one people find. This is why your site needs to rank as high as possible in the SERPs.

SEO is better than paid search. Sure, you can get traffic from both, …

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The UK Labor Market Outlook for July 2021

Early estimates for July 2021 show that the number of employees on payroll increased by 2.0 %, or 576,000 employees, over July 2020. Nevertheless, the number of employees on payroll has decreased by 0.7%, or 201,000 workers, since February 2020. Besides this, when compared to June 2021, there were 182,000 more individuals employed in July 2021.

As such, early projections for July 2021 show a 6.4% increase in median monthly income when compared to July 2020. Likewise, comparisons with February 2020 show a 6.4 % increase in median pay.

County Analysis

Between July 2020 and July 2021, there was an increase in payrolled employees across all age categories. This resulted in a total of 247,000 payrolled employees under the age of 25. As far as counties are concerned, Gwynedd had the biggest annual growth in payrolled employees in July 2021, at 6.1 %. On the other hand, Haringey and Islington …

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Everything that you need to know before entering the Foreign Exchange Market

Every day since the last few years, many people are constantly being interested in the Foreign Exchange Market due to the fact that it is one of the most well known trading markets in the world. However, due to the growing popularity, many people fail to understand that financial trading in this market can be really profitable in their case, especially if it is online.

To help you in understanding better, let us find out how to earn money through forex and if it is really possible to earn high profits.

If searched on the internet, one will be able to find many positive and negative feedbacks about forex trading in general which you might want to avoid considering that it may derail you from your main objective. Some of them will say that Foreign Exchange trading is a profitable business while some others may say that Forex is a …