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How Coronavirus Has Affected the Scaffolding Industry

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Coronavirus is spreading all over the world, like wildfire. Does this have the potential to impact the scaffolding industry?

Worldwide there have been as many as 100,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and as ScaffMag goes to press, this highly infectious disease has already affected 90 people in the United Kingdom.

On Tuesday, in its anxiety to slow down the spreading of this respiratory disease, the government laid down potentially drastic measures, and these will come in force if the situation gets worse. This includes the closing of schools, the cancellation of events, a ban on large public gatherings, and encouraging people to work from home. This is something that is not possible to do within the scaffolding or wider construction industry.

It is reported that 80% of the workers will not be able to work during the next few weeks as the outbreak peaks, including those in the scaffolding

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The Effect of Covid-19 on Employment and the Recruitment Sector

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There has been a steady growth in the UK’s recruitment sector in the last five years, with growth being seen each year. The 2019 market, for instance, was valued at £38.9bn, which was quite impressive given the uncertainty that came with Brexit. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world economy, and while there are great initiatives that have been established, like the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, estimated at £42bn, recent numbers have indicated the sharpest decline in the recruitment sector since the 2009 global economic crisis.

Employment Rates

The positive impact of the continuous growth in the recruitment sector has seen the UK reach the lowest unemployment rates since the 1970s. However, this impact has been watered down as there was a record-breaking unemployment claim in March, with a 910% rise in claims for universal credit. It’s no surprise that there was a projected rise in the unemployment rates, …

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Covid-19 Triggered Devastating and Sudden Unemployment for Many Nannies

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Nannies have come to realise that they are “disposable”.

Payroll for Nannies knows that many nannies have been furloughed, and others laid off suddenly without receiving severance pay. The Cut reported that over 12 Caribbean nannies have already succumbed to Covid-19.

As the schools across the nation shut down as one of the responses to COVID-19, many nannies turned into “live-in” nannies to care for their employers’ children. In many cases, Brown stated that these nannies were forced into choosing between their financial security and their health.

Tough Choices for Nannies

One of the families went as far as telling their nanny, “We are packing up everything to go and live in the Hamptons. You will need to move with us. If you decide not to, you will lose your job.”

This nanny was using public transport as a means to travel to-and-from work, while she battled with concerns …

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What to Remember When Selecting an Industrial Mixer

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Engineers working in chemical blending lab

Whether products are being manufactured for the chemical, food or nutrition sector, it’s standard to combine different powder ingredients together. Blending can be one of the most essential steps in boosting a product’s value. If you work with a diverse selection of ingredients, certain ones could be potential allergens. There are manufacturers that are willing to invest a lot of money into packing lines and install the highest speed mixers on the market, but these solutions don’t always provide a great return on investment. Furthermore, it may not be the most efficient solution when you consider full cleaning with a Flux Pump and readying the mixer for the next blend.

Do You Manufacture a Range of Products?

If you’re only using a single recipe in manufacturing, producing large quantities, and not making changes frequently, using a fixed mixer to continuously process and connecting it to up and downstream processes is …

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How the Covid-19 Pandemic Is Affecting the Fashion Industry

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The Covid-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on almost every sector, whether it’s the pressure that has been imposed on health services, shuttering of non-essential businesses, or supermarkets having to reconsider their opening hours and re-stocking tactics. Subsequently, the fashion industry has also been adversely affected by the global health crisis.

Although it may be considered to be frivolous – when directly compared with the front line sector fighting for the lives of people – fashion is a creative mecca and sits at the table as one of the major financial heavyweights of the world. Deterioration in the fashion sector would see a severe impact on the world’s economy, not mentioning the furloughing or unemployment of millions of seamstresses, designers, artists, and many more caught in the cross-hairs.

The virus has spread at varying rates across the globe and has had different effects on various countries. The most …