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Heating Solutions: Ways To Keep Your Caravan/Mobile Home Warm

In the aftermath of Brexit, if you’re longing for a traditional seaside holiday in Dorset, Cornwall, Devon or Blackpool, you might be thinking of hitting the road with your caravan in tow this summer. However, you might also be concerned about heating solutions for your mobile home should the British summer weather take a turn for the worst. So, let’s consider the alternatives to electric central heating for your mobile home:

Portable Electric Radiators

Caravans aren’t known for being spacious, so you’re most likely looking for compact heating solutions. Enter our range of portable electric radiator. They have a slim-line design for maximal space-saving and can be installed in minutes. What’s more, they’re very affordable and easy to put into storage during times when they’re not needed. Alternatively, with our Vantage range, you can add a smart hub and download our mobile app that lets you control heating in your …