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Diabetes Treatment

Sometimes, a healthy diet and regular exercise are not enough to keep blood sugar levels stable. That is why, diabetics (especially type 2 DM) need drugs to help control blood glucose.

There are several types of drugs — usually in tablet form, but some are given by injection — that can be used for diabetes.

Most of the treatment for type 2 diabetes uses the biguanid class of drugs, such as metformin. This drug works by lowering the glucose produced in the liver while helping to increase insulin sensitivity so that sugar is more easily processed by the body’s cells for energy.

Treatment of diabetes mellitus can be done with one type of drug. However, if it does not work, several combinations of diabetes drugs may be needed.

Other diabetes medications can work in different ways in controlling blood sugar. Other drugs commonly used to treat diabetes include:


• Sulfonylureas

• Pioglitazone

• Gliptin

• Agonists

• Acarbose

• Nateglinide

• Repaglinide

Complementary medicine

There are also alternative diabetes treatments that complement and support the primary treatment, not substitute.

Generally, this diabetes complementary treatment consists of using traditional natural ingredients, such as ginseng, cinnamon, and insulin leaves. This natural method can help treat diabetes symptoms and lower blood sugar levels.

However, you need to be careful when using natural diabetes medications. The reason is, not all natural remedies provide effective results for everyone. For patients who have allergies or chronic diseases such as hypertension and heart can be at risk of experiencing dangerous reactions.

Therefore, always consult with your doctor before using natural diabetes drugs.

Healthy lifestyles

In addition, of course the treatment of diabetes mellitus with insulin therapy, medical drugs, and natural ingredients must be accompanied by a lifestyle that can keep blood sugar levels normal. In fact, it is a major pillar in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

If you have type 2 diabetes and it’s still in its early stages, you will usually be asked to change your lifestyle first before switching to medication. Some healthy habits a person with diabetes can do to control their blood sugar include:

Healthy and regular diet

Eating regularly with balanced portions is the key to proper dietary rules for diabetes. Irregular eating patterns actually cause blood sugar levels to become even more unstable


Diabetes treatment coupled with regular exercise can help the insulin hormone work so that it is easier to lower blood sugar. Exercising for diabetes can also help overweight diabetics reach their ideal body weight.

Regular blood sugar test every day

Diabetics also need to regularly check blood sugar levels. For diabetics who are undergoing diabetes treatment with insulin, it is necessary to check blood sugar more frequently in a day. Consult your doctor how many times and when to check your blood sugar every day.


In more severe conditions, injections of insulin, drugs, and a healthy lifestyle are sometimes not enough to control blood sugar levels.

To overcome this, treatment through surgery is needed. The type of surgery performed can vary depending on the severity of the disease or the condition that causes diabetes.