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Features and Benefits of Staying in a Luxurious Hotel

Sheraton Palace Hotel

Do you have an idea of what it is like to live in a luxurious hotel? Such establishments can expose you to a whole new level of hotel experience. In this article, I am going to highlight some of the features and benefits of luxurious hotels based on personal experience.

Also, each luxury hotel has different things to offer. Therefore, you might want to do your own research if you do not find what you are looking for. The points that am going to list below are based on what I have experienced from staying in various luxurious hotels including The Luxury Collection, Shangri-La, Alpen Palace Spa Hotels and Sheraton thanks to finding great Luxury Hotel Deals.

Features and Benefits of Staying in a Luxurious Hotel

1. Security

The first thing that you will notice when you visit luxurious hotels is enhanced security. There are security cameras that have been installed in different sections of the hotel and security guards guarding the place around the clock.

2. Great Scents

Besides being extremely clean, luxurious hotels also happen to have great scents. From the moment you make your way to the entrance, there is a great scent in the reception area and the corridors. Such little things can be pleasing and rare to find in regular hotels.

3. Beautiful Designs

Luxury hotels that are top rated usually have beautiful designs. From the lounge all the way to the reception and the exterior, each area has a fancy and beautiful design. You always feel like someone important walking into a special place each time you walk into the hotel.

4. Exceptional Service

Luxurious hotels offer exceptional service to their clients. The staff are highly trained and always make sure that the needs of the clients are met. That is why luxurious hotels invest time and resources in training employees.

5. Event and Conference Facilities

Many hotels that are luxurious have reserved facilities for hosting special events such as meeting and conference rooms, banquets as well as wedding facilities.

Here is what you should expect in luxury hotels:

  • Upon arrival guests are welcomed with drinks
  • Turndown (prepare your sleeping area)
  • Welcomed with sweets placed in guest room
  • Fresh flowers in the room
  • Sometimes gifts are left for guests which include local items such as (chocolate, tea and sweets)
  • Sometimes you find champagne or wine
  • The staff are very polite, professional and smiley. Moreover, they always make sure that they are looking their best during working hours.

All of that is in addition to excellent concierge service that includes:

  • Tips and advice as to where you should visit during your stay in the hotel
  • You can also hire the chauffeur to drive you around
  • Vehicle parking service
  • Laundry and shoeshine service
  • Contact you to discuss any special requests before arrival
  • Provide a personal check-in and welcome to your room
  • Personal touches to make you feel special such as welcome notes and display of your name on the table

6. Great Beds

I always get a good night sleep every time I stay in a luxurious hotel. That is because of the fact that the beds are comfortable and extremely large. also, the sheets are always heavy and have a nice smell. Getting out of bed is always a struggle because it feels so cosy in the morning and you have large pillows placed on each side of the bed.

7. Beautiful Rooms

Luxurious hotels have very beautiful rooms. Sometimes the rooms are decorated and designed according to the local destination or a genre. Such a design can be seen at “The Luxury Collection” brand. You always feel tempted to spend more time in the room because it is extremely cosy.

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