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Have you ever heard the name of seamless? If no, then don’t worry because in this article you will find each and every detail about seamless. Online ordering services are common nowadays. You can order anything online at any time, while also getting amazing discounts with the Seamless voucher. Seamless is an online food ordering company. Some times it happens that you are willing to eat but can’t visit restaurants. So you don’t have to be worried because Seamless is here to serve you. Via your mobile, you can place an order on Seamless.Seamless places the order. You will also get some discounts. What will be more amazing than this service? Nothing, in actual. It is a completely internet-based company. Sit at home and enjoy the delicious food without any effort. You can order from any restaurant near you. You will have your food on time.


Sitting at home, and ordering the food from a favorite restaurant is good. But imagine, how it will be if you get a discount while availing these services. This discount is not only on personal orders but it is for companies as well. For buying Seamless voucher, you can visit the Huge Saving Store.Seamless Vouchers are also available on their website. By using these vouchers, you can get a discount on your order and delivery. The discount can be up to 50%.


Another amazing thing is that the Seamless mobile app is available now for Blackberry, iOS, and Android. For order, you can open that app or visit the website. You will have the list of restaurants and foods. Then submit the order via credit card or billing code. Use Seamless vouchers for discounts.


This company was first founded in 1999. Its headquarters are located in New York, America. The founders of Seamless are Jason Finger, Andy Appelbaum, and Paul Appelbaum. At that time this kind of service was not too common, but with the passage of time,it became popular. This company was first established to provide food to different companies but then it became available for individual users as well.Their partnership is with 12,000 restaurants and they provide their services to 4,000 different companies. Their massive membership is quite incredible. They have 2,000,000 members throughout the USA and London. In New York, Boston, Washington DC, Miami, Houston, Austin, Los Angeles, London, and Philadelphia, this service is available for personal orders.

In the early times, the name of this company was the Seamless Web. But later on, they changed it to Seamless only. Aramark owned this company in 2006. But after the huge investment of $50 million by Spectrum Equity Investors, this company gained its own entity. In 2013, this company became a part of GrubHubto serve a large number of companies and individuals. And its name was changed to GrubHub seamless. After the combination of both companies, they started completing 130,000 orders per day.And the number of restaurants they had partnered increases to 25,000.