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Obese people snore more often, this is the reason

You may have seen or known obese people who snore while sleeping. You may be wondering, do obese people tend to snore while sleeping? Check out the answer below.

Why do obese people snore more often?

Snoring can be experienced by anyone. This condition is not dangerous, but it can reduce sleep quality

A person will snore if the air cannot flow properly in his respiratory tract. People with excess body weight are also one of the people at risk for snoring.

There are a number of factors that make a person snore. These factors are divided into two categories, namely factors directly related to respiratory problems and factors related to health problems.

Factors directly related to respiratory problems include:

  • Narrowing of the airways due to allergic reactions, structural abnormalities of the nose, nasal polyps, and so on
  • The palate is too soft and too long
  • The muscles of the tongue and throat are too relaxed when sleeping
  • The throat tissue is too dense

Meanwhile, the factors in the second category come from health problems that you have or are experiencing. For example, chronic headaches, lack of sleep, shortness of breath, abnormal heart function, and obesity, most commonly.

Yes, obese people who have fat bodies are also at risk of snoring while sleeping. This is because these two conditions are related.

Some of the things that cause obese and obese people to snore while sleeping, include:

Fat in the neck compresses the respiratory tract

Fat tissue will be distributed throughout the body, including the neck. Over time, fat deposits in the neck can compress the upper respiratory tract, narrowing the airways.

The pressure on your airways increases when you lie down. As a result, the airway becomes narrower, the air can’t flow properly, and you end up snoring throughout your sleep.

Abdominal fat presses on the diaphragm

The thoracic cavity and abdominal cavity are limited by the diaphragm muscle. In obese people, the fat in the abdomen can push the diaphragm up and press on the ribs. This results in reduced lung capacity.

If the lung capacity decreases, the airflow will also decrease. Finally, the flow of air to and from the lungs is disrupted. This is what makes fat people easier to snore.

How to deal with the habit of snoring through a lifestyle

For people who are overweight, the best way to prevent these effects is to reduce the frequency of snoring sleep through lifestyle and sleep patterns.

• Monitor body weight regularly

Limit consumption of foods high in trans fats and sugars. You can also take weight loss supplements. Meticore review is a weight loss supplement that is very effective in dealing with someone who is overweight. for more details you can visit the site

  • Do not consume alcohol or smoke
  • Active sports
  • Sleep on your side
  • Clean the nose to improve airflow

People who are overweight are at risk of snoring, but that does not mean that this condition cannot be overcome. By losing weight a little at a time, you can slowly reduce the pressure on your airways.

If you still snore even though you have a proportional weight, try to discuss this with your doctor. Further tests can detect the possibility of other health problems that make you snore.