Get More Consideration! By Ria Rodriguez

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Dating apps – the fashionable method to date. The truth that we need or heed the advice of so many ‘professionals’ on this field suggests that we’re all a bit lost. Is it too much choice? Unrealistic expectations? More educated individuals with greater financial freedom permitting more mixing of socio-economic teams than would have occurred earlier than? Who is aware of? Have been we happier earlier than once we dated and married people from our neighborhood and shared potentialities and expectations certain by social-economic background? It sounds horribly conservative, to not point out downright boring, to suggest such a speculation, but when sociologists and divorce statistics are to be believed it’d just be that on the subject of dating our enhanced freedom of choice and freedom from parental and societal strain actually leaves many people in relationships which in the end fail and which smug outsiders will describe as doomed …