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The Basics Of eCommerce SEO

Do you want more traffic to your eCommerce website? If so, search engine optimisation is a must. More specifically, on-page SEO.

There’s no shortage of articles and tutorials discussing general SEO. However, there are not many articles aimed at eCommerce site owners. With that said, we will give you more of an understanding of on-site SEO for eCommerce. The below info will get you off on the right track with on-site SEO for eCommerce sites.

eCommerce SEO: What Is It?

eCommerce SEO is all about performing tasks in order to make your online store more visible in the SERPs, short for search engine results pages. When people search for the stuff you sell, you want to be the one people find. This is why your site needs to rank as high as possible in the SERPs.

SEO is better than paid search. Sure, you can get traffic from both, but SEO is far cheaper. Not only that, but paid search’s effectiveness can be reduced due to ad blockers. If you use paid search, then you should still be doing SEO.

SEO for eCommerce typically involves optimising your product descriptions and headlines. It also includes optimising your site’s internal link structure, metadata and navigational structure. Every item you sell should have a page dedicated to it and designed in a way that’ll attract traffic from Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

Other non-product pages should be optimised. This includes:

. About page
. FAQ page
. Help centre answers
. Homepage
. Contact page

You should research keywords that are relevant for the above pages. Ubersuggest and other similar keyword tools can be used to do that. Here’s a tip, search for long-tail keywords and semantic keywords.

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SEO Is Important For eCommerce

Consumers turn to Google to find services and products. They’re searching for tips and options. They look for an array of information to help them decide whether or not to buy a specific product.

If your eCommerce site isn’t in the SERPs or appears early on in the results, then you’re missing out. There are lots of quality leads you are losing out on. The bottom line is your products need to be found on the internet.

This is why SEO is important. SEO gives you the ability to reach your targeted audience without spending money on adverts. When people find your eCommerce site, you can dazzle them with your products and sales pitches to motivate them to take further action.

You are doing your business a disservice when you only optimise your site for people. eCommerce SEO is needed for acquiring customers. Getting people to find your site is absolutely crucial.

Developing An SEO Strategy For eCommerce

The good news is eCommerce SEO doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Yes, it is a major task and it does take time. With that said, the below strategy can help you out:

. Create A Workflow- You have to do many tasks with SEO. This includes selecting keywords, naming images properly, incorporating keywords and the list goes on. Create a workflow to make things easier.

. Research Competition- Who is your competition? Find out who is getting the most traffic. The more research you do on competitors, the better.

. Prioritise Pages- Start with the pages that generate the most traffic. Do you have a flagship product? If so, then start there before optimising other pages.

. Follow Through With CRO- You need to follow through with conversion rate optimisation.