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The Reason Why Homeowners in the UK Love Their Conservatories

Even the stone buildings of the 17th century featured conservatories, even though these rooms were rather similar to the ordinary ones, with the only difference that they had a much larger glass surface area. These rooms were the choice of wealthy individuals. They started to grow in popularity only during the Victorian period. Conservatories became accessible to mainstream population only during the 70s, so that’s when they truly started to become the norm in homes across the UK.

Two decades ago, every homeowner had the dream of fitting a conservatory. This was one of the most popular DIY projects of that period. Conservatories add valuable space to homes and they offered families an indoor garden to enjoy even during the cold season.

As the UK is famous for its sheer number of rainy days, there’s no wonder conservatories have gained so much in popularity. They offered homeowners the opportunity to enjoy their garden on any kind of weather. They had the chance to create a green living space to use all year round. While heating these huge spaces was a challenge in the beginning, today there are multiple options to keeping a comfortable temperature inside these rooms. By using blinds, homeowners can keep their conservatories cool even during the hot summer days.

The Main Benefits of Adding a Conservatory to Your Home

There are many reasons why someone might decide to build a conservatory rather than converting a loft or extending their home. Here are a few of these reasons:

  • You can enjoy a beautiful garden all year round
  • You don’t need planning permission
  • You can extend any room you wish and make it brighter by letting in extra sunlight
  • You can create a playroom for your kids and contain their toys within this space
  • You can create the outdoor living feeling without having to invest in creating and maintaining an outdoor garden in a challenging climate
  • You can turn this space into a leisure one, without distractions

Feel free to add your own reasons to this list. We are sure there are plenty of reasons why people would love to build a conservatory to enjoy with their family or friends. The versatility of these rooms is what has made them so popular among so many categories of homeowners.

How To Make Your Conservatory More Comfortable

Keeping a stable indoor temperature is one of the biggest challenges and the main reason why some people give up their idea of adding a conservatory to their home. Fortunately, modern technology provides homeowners with a full range of solutions to warm their conservatories in the winter and to cool them in the summer.

Underfloor heating and other similar technologies, blinds and modern window treatments, as well as high-quality windows and doors help keeping the temperature constant inside conservatories. Modern insulation systems are way more effective than the ones in the past. Today, you can enjoy the benefits of a conservatory without having to spend a small fortune on keeping the temperature inside it at a comfortable level all year round – those replacement conservatory roof panels can add up if you have to replace them often. There are multiple solutions, so the best thing to do is to start by discussing your requirements and your budget before anything else. Choosing the right solution is the first step to creating a wonderful space to enjoy for many years to come.