Tips for Renting a Car for Homecoming


It doesn’t feel like the holidays will arrive soon. Perhaps you have started to prepare the homecoming event. For those of you who have a private vehicle, maybe you don’t need to bother thinking about transportation that will take you to your hometown. But for those who don’t, renting a vehicle might be considered. Here are tips about car rental so that your homecoming trip is safe, comfortable, and cost-effective.

1. Find information from the internet

In buying and selling goods or services, you will usually find the best prices on the internet. Apart from saving time and effort, many rental agencies offer special discounts for renting online. Prices may differ from one agent to another, depending on vehicle availability, location and other factors. Also consider the operating hours. Some agents may close bookings long before the long holiday arrives. So hurry up and don’t to late, immediately Get rental car discounts with 50 Dollar Rent A Car Coupons only on Rental Cars Uae.

2. Calculate costs carefully.

The rental prices listed on the website may look cheap. However, you still need to be vigilant if it turns out that when you make a transaction, you are charged an additional fee, which becomes much more expensive. Pay attention to taxes and other extras. Also ask for fuel costs, driver fees (if needed), and if there are any discounts or promotions.

3. Rent an economical car.

If you don’t really need a large car, you should choose a small car. Rental companies often run out of stock of economy cars because they are the most popular. Thus, you will be directed to rent a larger type and of course the rental price is more expensive. But persist in looking for the economical.

4. Ask the furthest limit you can take the car

Make sure that you are allowed a certain distance before you agree to a rental agreement. Some car rental agencies usually charge extra if you take the car a certain distance (usually if you hire a driver at the same time). So, it’s best to ask before your bill swells.

5. Insurance

Rental agencies often ask for additional fees for life insurance in case of an accident. If you already have personal life insurance or insurance on a credit card, you certainly don’t need to comply with that request. But if what is meant is insurance coverage in case of damage to the car you rent, then there’s nothing wrong with being considered.

6. Do not pay fuel costs at the start of the agreement.

It is better if you buy the fuel yourself. But don’t forget to fill it up again before returning the car – as much fuel as you originally received. Because if not, you will be charged a price that is higher than the market price.

7. Return on time.

Because if not, the car owner will charge a full day’s rent, it could even be higher than before. If you are late returning the car, call the agency immediately and explain your situation. But if you return early, ask if your money can be returned according to the number of days that the car is not used.