We Needed Power to Our New House

My wife and I bought a large parcel of land that already had a house on it. We did not like very much about the house, including the location of it on the property. Our plans were to build a new house on the opposite side of the property. We would wait until we were able to move in, then we would work on redoing the house already there as something fun to do, then my parents would move in there. The first thing we did was look for a level 2 electrician in Wollongong because we knew we would need to have power to do anything at our new place.

We already had the plans drawn up for the house, and we had a builder ready to get started on it. However, he would need power in order to operate a lot of the tools that he would need to build us the modest house we hope to live in for the rest of our lives. Since there was no power on that side of the property at all, we knew that we needed a level 2 electrician to connect the power for us.

We had to decide if we wanted to have overhead lines or have everything underground first. We knew that there were pros and cons to both, so we figured we would find the electrician first and ask his opinion. Finding the right electric company for this job was easier than we had anticipated, but I guess that is what happens when a power company has such a good reputation. We read so many favorable reviews that we knew it was the right company to use. The electrician came out to assess everything, and he explained why he felt that overhead lines would be best for the property. He was able to schedule the work for the same week, and had power to that frame of the house in no time. We can’t wait until the house is done and we can move in!