Websites That Benefit From a Dedicated Hosting Server

It is a known fact that dedicated servers have numerous benefits. There is no debate when it comes to the quality of service and servers provided by dedicated hosting. However, building a website on dedicated hosting and under-utilizing the services is one of the reasons many businesses shy away from this hosting.

Typically, small businesses (or beginners) opt for shared hosting, small to medium enterprises prefer VPS hosting, eCommerce websites prefer Magento hosting, etc. So, which businesses or websites prefer dedicated server hosting services? Let us learn more about this in the article below.

Moreover, if you are looking for a dedicated server in NZ, buying web hosting and domain services from a reputed brand is crucial.

Dedicated Server Hosting

When a web hosting service provider allots an entire physical server for one website, that server is dedicated to that specific website or web application. Hence, the name “Dedicated server hosting”! It is also called Bare-Metal Server Hosting. When one website receives all the resources provided by the host exclusively, it provides better performance and increases reliability.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

  • Dedicated server hosting offers faster loading speed, enhancing the performance and reliability of the website.
  • Dedicated servers offer 99.999% consistent uptime to your websites, resulting in higher ranks on search engines due to good reputation. There is a little downtime when it comes to dedicated hosting.
  • It offers better and all-inclusive security measures for the comprehensive safeguarding of your website.
  • Customization, flexibility, and scalability are all possible with dedicated hosting without having to upgrade to another version.

Websites That Must Choose Dedicated Hosting

● Resource-Intensive Web Applications or Sites

Certain websites that take up a lot of resources from the host, starting from storage and bandwidth to security. Gaming websites and applications are really resource-consuming. Along with this, the websites that upload a lot of high-quality photos, videos, content, etc., to support their business’s brand and identity use a lot of resources.

These websites will benefit from dedicated hosting since all the resources are concentrated on that particular website only.

● Big Businesses with a Website

If an enterprise has many employees, around and above 500, using the website at the same time, you will need a dedicated server. Since these companies have an enormous amount of commercial transactions, an active supply-chain infrastructure, and an extensive business database, a dedicated server is the best-suited option.

● Web Hosting Businesses

For domain and web hosting businesses, a strong server, more security, exclusive resources, better performance, and good storage are very important. Dedicated hosting makes it easier for these businesses to manage all of their clients in a single place without having to divide attention and data.

● Websites Dealing with Heavy Traffic

Some websites that have exposure to heavy traffic, for example, eCommerce websites, educational organizations, gaming websites, media house websites, etc. These websites require a lot of data and performance that a dedicated server can provide.


To sum it all up, the websites that take a lot of traffic load, provide a huge amount of content, have a large number of transactions every hour, and deal with resource-intensive work need a dedicated hosting server. With all the dedicated hosting advantages, these websites will flourish.

By mobilk