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What is CBD and Why is it a Good Substance to Consume?

CBD products have become very popular in the past 18 months. Celebrities are increasingly using CBD face creams, and the athletes are utilising the muscle rubs. By rendering such benefits, the media has been repeatedly talking about the amazing benefits CBD has to offer, so that’s why CBD has become a common name in the retail field.

What is it, what does it do and is it a safe substance?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an active compound that exists naturally in the cannabis plant. It’s usually extracted and mixed together with carrier oils to produce CBD oil. THC, the psychoactive ingredient usually know for creating a “high” is known, as it is obtained from hemp’s sister plant marijuana. Surprisingly, it’s the second most common compound coming from the hemp plant.

CBD is usually mixed with a carrier oil for example hemp oil or coconut oil, after the extraction, in order to produce CBD products. There are different CBD concentrations, so customers have a wide choice to pick from, depending on their needs.

CBD is legal in the UK as well as most parts of the world. But CBD producers must follow strict guidelines to clarify to customers what’s contained in every product. Going by the UK guidelines, CBD products should contain not more than than 0.2{25a870a40f675627bf6df127f14ade9445b5e9406b919b8b24783bb600e57a9d} of THC, and this should be confirmed by manufacturers through batch tests they publish. So it’s good to look out for them when buying to know what’s in your product.

Benefits of CBD

Well, CBD hasn’t been proven by means of any medical examination. Any claim is from an individual’s experience using it. But we can say that among the major benefits are providing relief for anxiety, depression, pain and PTSD as well as assisting sleep plus much more.

Is it in Any Way Dangerous?

CBD does not produce the psychoactive compound produced by Cannabis since CBD products only contain traces of THC. So CBD products can be used daily causing little or no side effects.

Where Should I Begin?

We would urge anyone trying CBD for the first time, to begin with, small doses and observe the effect on your body. Make an evaluation of the way you feel every week and you can increase the doses a bit if need be. When you find your optimal dose, maintain that level.

When going through CBD products you’ll most likely spot words like “full-spectrum”, “broad spectrum”, “raw and refined”. To help you, here is an overview of what every category means.


Full-spectrum implies that all the cannabinoids naturally occurring in the plant are present in the oil or product, at the same time containing less than 0.02{25a870a40f675627bf6df127f14ade9445b5e9406b919b8b24783bb600e57a9d} of the THC compound.

Broad Spectrum

For Broad Spectrum CBD, these are products similar to Full Spectrum products and contain the rest of the cannabinoids, however, all the THC compound has been removed. All our products are Full Spectrum CBD, and there are a few other options for raw as well as refined oil formats.

Raw Oils

Raw oils usually have more of the plant material, and their taste is stronger.

Refined Oil

Refined oil helps in extracting several of the other cannabinoids from the product, and it tastes like a nut. People think it’s more enjoyable compared to the raw oil, that’s my taste a bit bitter and sharp.

Our refined products are available in Raw and Refined forms depending on an individual’s unique preference. Our full spectrum rejuvenating cream has raw oil, containing some more natural ingredients for a beautiful fragrance.

Some More Advice to Consider

When looking for CBD oils, you should know what’s contained in your product. There could be different levels of THC, and some other materials could be put in the oil reducing the amount of CBD as well as other cannabinoids in it.