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Why online presence is essential for your business

Australia Post on its Inside Australian Online Shopping report noted that more than 73{25a870a40f675627bf6df127f14ade9445b5e9406b919b8b24783bb600e57a9d} of Australian’s household shopped online back in 2018. Total online spending is broken down into seven expenditure categories. Fashion, variety stores, health and beauty, media, hobbies and recreational goods, and specialty food and liquor are the other six categories; where variety stores (the ones that offer one-stop shopping place like Marketplaces) and fashion own the highest percentages with a 35.6{25a870a40f675627bf6df127f14ade9445b5e9406b919b8b24783bb600e57a9d} and 27{25a870a40f675627bf6df127f14ade9445b5e9406b919b8b24783bb600e57a9d}. These figures prove that online market is beginning to have its own demand.

From the same report, it is concluded that there is a 20.2{25a870a40f675627bf6df127f14ade9445b5e9406b919b8b24783bb600e57a9d} national average of year on year growth online spending by the Australians. Shoppers in the same publish also plan to continue on buying things online in 2019. Generally, when asked why choose to purchase things online rather go to stores, consumers said they are benefited from the time flexibility and cost saving. The KPMG 2017 Global Online Consumer Report also stated that online shops help those who need products that are not available in local stores.

As to how consumers decide to buy from one website—and not the others, Harvard Business Review found that trust is the preeminent reason of all. The researchers set two logical factors that form an intention to purchase things online; the first one is individual’s pre-existing disposition to trust and the second one is website’s structured assurances. The former refer to the fact that some people are naturally can trust more than others, and the latter consisted of strong encryption and security, privacy policies, and return guarantees of a website. It is found that when someone faced with a riskier decision—in this case is putting their trust on one website—they rely more on intuitive decision rather than deliberation.

The intuitive decision discussed here can be the explanation on why things like aesthetics, professionalism, and other implicit elements (like the website’s structured assurances) showed on a website matter for building someone’s online trust. The researchers also concluded that user interface on a website such as page layouts, choices of fonts, images, and colours might slightly seem like an aesthetic design, but they are actually a customers’ way to trust the website—or not.

Above mentioned case is one in-depth reason on why developing a website is highly important for your business. Through eCommerce website developer Gold Coast, you could reach a better business revenue with the right ideas and strategies for your site.